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Ken Lo
Ken Lo

Kenneth Low Wai-kwong is a Hong Kong actor, martial artist, and stuntman. He was a member of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team.

1959-03-17 (62 years old)
Place of Birth
Stung Treng, Cambodia
Also Known As :
Crystal Hunt
Crystal Hunt (1991)
as Feng Li
Road Warriors
Road Warriors (1987)
as Insp. Rocky Lo
Red Zone
Red Zone (1995)
as Kwong
Teenage Master
Teenage Master (1995)
as Master Tse
Nobody's Perfect
Nobody's Perfect (2008)
as Mr ChipMunk/Thai Man
The Group
The Group (1998)
as Officer Lau
Unleashed (2020)
as Dubble Che
The Myth
The Myth (2005)
as Dragon
Fighting Fist
Fighting Fist (1992)
as Chi Wang-Cheung
Rock on Fire
Rock on Fire (1994)
as Tsubero / Icy's brother
Fatal Contact
Fatal Contact (2006)
as Chan Sun
Cheetah on Fire
Cheetah on Fire (1992)
as Mainland gang member
My Wife Is A Gangster 3
My Wife Is A Gangster 3 (2006)
as Choi Kuk-Chong
Who Am I?
Who Am I? (1998)
as Tasek
Gorgeous (1999)
as Lo's Bodyguard
The Four 2
The Four 2 (2013)
as Duke Westgate
The Tantana
The Tantana (1991)
as Against-Nature Boy
Club Girls
Club Girls (1989)
as Chiang
Kung Fu Monster
Kung Fu Monster (2018)
as The Woody Monk
Triad Wars
Triad Wars (2008)
as Lau Kwok Wai / Wu
Crime Story
Crime Story (1993)
as Ng Kwok-Yan / Wu Kuo Jen
Devil Hunters
Devil Hunters (1989)
as Chor Biu
Lazy Hazy Crazy
Lazy Hazy Crazy (2015)
as Alice's father
Operation Condor
Operation Condor (1991)
as Adolf's Guard #1
Robbery (2016)
as Kwong
City Hunter
City Hunter (1993)
as Chen Ta-Wen
Boys Are Easy
Boys Are Easy (1993)
as Wild Dog
Kung Fu League
Kung Fu League (2018)
as Villain Kin
First Strike
First Strike (1996)
as HK police officer
Special ID
Special ID (2013)
as Brother Bo (Triad mahjong player)
2000 AD
2000 AD (2000)
as Bobby
Invisible Target
Invisible Target (2007)
as Inspector Wong Kam Ming
Stage Door Johnny
Stage Door Johnny (1990)
as Tong's Bodyguard
Legendary Assassin
Legendary Assassin (2008)
as Head of Robbers
Shinjuku Incident
Shinjuku Incident (2009)
as Little Tai
Gen-X Cops
Gen-X Cops (1999)
as Inspector Wing
Future Cops
Future Cops (1993)
as General
House of Wolves
House of Wolves (2016)
as Taxi driver
Shock Wave
Shock Wave (2017)
as Coffee
The Fortune Code
The Fortune Code (1990)
as Japanese officer
Raging Fire
Raging Fire (2021)
as Ma Kau-wing
Chinese Zodiac
Chinese Zodiac (2012)
as Thai Pirate
7 Assassins
7 Assassins (2013)
as Adjutant
Ultimate Fights from the Movies
Ultimate Fights from the Movies (2002)
as John (Legend of Drunken Master) (archive footage)
Miracles (1989)
as One of Tiger Lo's Men
Around the World in 80 Days
Around the World in 80 Days (2004)
as French Impersonator (uncredited)
Rush Hour
Rush Hour (1998)
as Juntao's Man